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Oxfam in Bangladesh is looking for consutancy service from intertested individual to support to GROW Midterm Review.

GROW is Oxfam’s four year economic justice campaign started in 2011. GROW goal is that people living in poverty claim power in the way the world manages land, water and climate so that they can grow and buy enough food to eat, now and in the future. The rights of women and gender equality are at the centre of the campaign. As a focus country, GROW campaign was launched in Bangladesh in October 2011 in solidarity with Oxfam supported national alliance named Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL). Goal of Bangladesh GROW Campaign is that the rights of the poor and marginal famers are better protected and stronger/effective accountability mechanism is in place for better protection and promotion of the right to food of the people as a longer term policy ask for systemic change. 

Given that the first phase of GROW campaign is expected to be completed by March 2015, this review is being planned to document the learning of the campaign to achieve the planned results and to get future directions for the next phase of the campaign.


  1. Assess and evaluate the outcomes and impact of GROW Bangladesh campaign.
  2. Review the effectiveness and appropriateness of using different campaign strategies over the last three years’ period.
  3. Assess the status and areas of convergence with the long-term programmes. 
  4. Assess the relevance of engagement with different stakeholders, and working effectively with alliance to achieve campaign goals.
  5. Review influencing capacity of Oxfam in relation to achieving GROW objectives (both internal and external perspective) and find the influencing relations in achieving Oxfam country strategic documents.
  6. Draw key learning and suggest core elements to design next phase of GROW campaign in Bangladesh.

For further information for this assignment, please see the detiled ToR (click).

We invite proposal from interested individual to undertake the specific assignments as referred in the ToR. Please submit a letter of interest along with technical and financial proposal as per the ToR and send to qnazly@oxfam.org.uk by 31 December 2014

No hard copy proposal will be accepted.