Looks like the NGOs are stepping up on ‘Doing Development Differently’. Good.

August 7, 2017

Capacity development is hard to do – but it’s possible to do it well

August 7, 2017

Links I Liked

August 7, 2017
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Control group cartoonGeeks Franziska Mager and David Evans contributed their favourite cartoons about control groups (really)Control v out of control

‘Information does not lead to political accountability’. Important null result from some serious research raises big questions for transparency activists

Best of luck to USAID’s new boss, Mark Green (no relation). Here’s a handy briefing for him on why the aid budget matters and a nice example of what his agency is doing right (on aid transparency).

Feminist foreign/aid policy is catching on (Sweden, Canada), but what does/should it mean? Oxfam’s Gawain Kripke goes back to 1st principles

Bus seats mistaken for burqas by members of anti-immigrant group. You really couldn’t make it up

The power of the long march. Interesting reflection on Turkey and beyond

Stick your income in here and find where you are in the global pecking order. You’ll probably feel a lot richer afterwards….. ht Ana Arendar

The pro-Brexit Daily Express seems a little confused about border controls – perhaps they didn’t realize that they apply in both directions……

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  1. Transparency is, like girls’education and voting rights for women, not something that is advocated becasue it works, but because it is right. In line with Kahnemann, it is even possible that too much information oleads to less trust.

    Still, transparency is something that matters, becasue it is the right way to do politics.

  2. On the other hand, having more data on their own is not a moral issue.They are only fun for researchers, especially when they don’t check too much the validity of the data.

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