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January 31, 2018

Week One and my students are already exposing my limitations – this is wonderful!

January 31, 2018

Hey FP2P readers, can you please help us choose the title for a MOOC on How Change Happens?

January 31, 2018
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We’re in the middle of writing an Oxfam MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aimed at activists around the world. mooc-990x551It brings together some of the themes of How Change Happens (Power and Systems) with some of Oxfam’s more practical internal training materials for campaigners. More on the content to follow, but right now we have to decide on a title in the next day or two, so my mind went back to the crowdsourcing of the cover for HCH, which worked like a dream. So here’s your task: Choose one of these titles, or suggest a better one in the comments (polite options only, please):

Which title do you prefer for a MOOC aimed at helping activists improve their understanding and skills?

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  1. Despite I chosed “Being an active citizen: how to make change happen” (better description in a shortest title) I was tempted to chose “Influencing for change” as I believe that a short name is better for referring a course. Names too long are difficult to remember and refer.

    This MOOC is a good initiative. Will be in my radar.

  2. I went for ‘Making change happen: understanding social change, power dynamics and how to influence them’ as the best of the available options. However, the phrase ‘making change happen’ seems suggestive of the idea that we hold very high levels of control, full information and complete agency. There is more than the tinge of the log-frame paradigm about it. If so, it is antithetical to many arguments made in From Poverty to Power and How Change Happens. Given this, perhaps other options are: ‘How change happens: insights, lessons and practical strategies for a better world’, or something along these lines.

  3. I am taking this from a development perspective and not change in developed countries. The first three choices continue to reflect that change in countries is simply orchestrated from the outside. I selected Influencing change because that should be the process as outside change makers are not there to sustain change or help with continuous improvement. We have probably moved on.

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