What does ‘How Change Happens’ thinking tell us about Brexit?

June 29, 2016

What’s the likely impact of Brexit on development, aid and Oxfam? Any opportunities amid the gloom?

June 29, 2016

If you want to organize an event on How Change Happens this autumn, please let me know

June 29, 2016
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My new book, How Change Happens, is published in October by OUP. I know, I know, there is no sight HCH Cover pic fileso craven or humiliating as a writer desperate to promote their book. Any better ideas?

The academic summer break is approaching fast, so as a first step, we’re inviting expressions of interest from universities, NGOs or anyone else in being part of the launch. The book is published on 27 October, but we’ll have copies from late September.

Here’s the deal:

What we provide: a walk through the issues in the book and a chance to challenge, engage, add your own perspectives etc; an author armed with powerpoint and pen (to sign books) and an unquenchable desire to shift product; books (paperbacks, a snip at £10 a pop)

What you provide: a few potential dates (some juggling likely to be required), a venue, cost of national transport and accommodation (if needed), a decent crowd (preferably at least 80 people), a named contact to receive books, sell them, then return dosh and unsold copies to Oxfam. Champagne optional.
dinosaur-writer (1)Rough dates:

UK: mid Sept to 5 November, then January onwards

US and Canada: 7 November to 30 November

Australia and New Zealand: Late March/Early April 2017

The rest: let us know – we’ll improvise

If you’re interested, please get back to research@oxfam.org.uk, with ‘how change happens’ in the subject line, and we will start trying to sort out a schedule.



  1. Uganda, I remember I was a mobiliser and organiser when you came to Kampala to launch and give a talk about ‘ From Poverty to Power’ since then am a keen follower. Would be keen working on ‘How Change Happens’ in Kampala Uganda…Thanks for the good work

  2. Hi Duncan, Working on some angles in Canada. It would be a great springboard for some good dialogue. Two questions. Will there be an electronic version for sale or a summary free. Are you attending any of these events inquiring minds from Dalhousie University wants to know?

    cheers, Nanci Lee

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