At last, some evidence on the national impact of the MDGs. In Zambia, rivalry with other governments and measurable indicators have made a difference.

August 18, 2014

On World Humanitarian Day, where are the examples of ‘good donorship’ in conflict, disasters etc?

August 18, 2014

Links I liked

August 18, 2014
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This week’s top tweets, with a big hat tip to the indefatigable Conrad Hackett 

I suspect everyone has already seen this except me, but I thought it was cool. This will change how you see Australia [h/t Conrad Hackett]

Aussie dog cat

Fascinating: Tim Berners-Lee’s 1992 article on the future of this web thing he’s cooked up, which was then groaning under the weight of over 1014 documents [h/t Kimberly Bowman]

Has global activism lost its edge, diluted by funding, results, growth & professionalization? An Open Letter to activists everywhere from Civicus

churchill v shawIf only George Bernard Shaw & Winston Churchill had had Twitter … [h/t Conrad Hackett]

How to look smart in front of your rivals development colleagues

The BRICS Bank. Excellent intro to its governance and purpose (as well as its origins in the IMF’s failure to reform itself) from the ODI’s Zhenbo Hou

And some reasons to be cheerful (and boy, do we need some). [h/t Max C Roser, via Mr Hackett]:

Child Mortality has decreased massively around world since 1970. child mortality 1970-2012


  1. Great infant mortality statistics. Puzzled as to why Greenland still does not produce any or do statisticians assume it is simply empty? This would come as a surprise to its inhabitants.

    1. Struck me too – there’s under 60,000 people there, so you’d have thought that the statistics would be extremely good (or maybe the population’s so low that one childhood accident makes them the worlds worst place to be an under-5)

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