Aidspeak: some of your best/worst responses to my call for examples

July 31, 2017

Where do South Africa’s activists go from here? A Cape Town conversation

July 31, 2017

Links I Liked

July 31, 2017
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Washington’s corridors of power are looking empty in Donald Trump’s unfilled government: according to The Economist, ‘Hispresidential nominations lethargy, not Democratic obstinacy, is to blame’.

Finding positive outliers on anti-corruption is surprisingly hard, because everyone disputes success stories. Brilliant from Caryn Pfeiffer

What do India’s poor have to say about poverty and aid? First of an annual 10 country ‘Voices of the Poor’ exercise by Globescan with Oxfam India.

Istanbul: egg sized hail stones, flash floods, fires… this is climate change in an overbuilt underprepared city, says Milena Buyum [ht via Alex Evans]

Thoughtful, warts and all profile of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian president & donor darling

‘Elections in Africa make people feel more “ethnic”.’ Overview of +/- of Africa’s democracies from Nic Cheeseman and a curtain raiser for the Kenyan elections on 8th August.

Is the world really better than ever? Interesting ‘long read’ discussion of the ‘New Optimists’ & their politics

Brilliant Save the Kids video on the bombing of children, starting with you entering your postcode.

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