What can we learn from 7 successes in making markets work for poor people?

September 4, 2017

Book Review: How to Resist: Turn Protest to Power, by Matthew Bolton

September 4, 2017

Links I Liked

September 4, 2017
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What did foreigners ever do for us? Hamburg Supermarket Edeka decided to remove all foreign items from its supermaket without tradeshelves to make a point about xenophobia ht Sony Kapoor

Is it possible to calculate the return on investment for a research policy project? Here’s one attempt in Indonesia

Robin Hood had the right idea: Stephany Griffith-Jones on why the left needs to deliver on the financial transaction tax

Community paralegals (aka barefoot lawyers) are bringing access to justice to poor communities in India

Great 3 minute takedown by the Washington Post’s Karen Attiah of the New York Times’ “ooga-booga journalism” on Congo

A traditional feature of London’s Notting Hill Carnival is excruciating Dad Dancing by the police. But this year one copper’s moves went viral. His name is PC Dan Graham and he has previous. Interview and moves




  1. PC Graham is the perfect exemplar for your book. He probably did more to increase the impact of community policing in a minute and seventeen seconds than many billion dollar community policing aid interventions.

  2. PC Graham – brilliant; fully agree.

    But is there something missing from that Think Tank Initiative blog about estimating the return on investment of policy research + engagement? Having whetted the appetite by explaining the methodology there’s nothing about what they actually discovered as a result – which is frustrating and also means we don’t know if the methodology was valid/useful or not.

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