Why is Coca-Cola championing land rights at the UN?

May 19, 2014

Supporting labour rights in Indonesia’s sportswear factories (Nike, Adidas etc). Draft case study for your comments

May 19, 2014

Links I liked

May 19, 2014
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Well you seemed to approve of the return of links I liked, so I’m giving it a regular Monday morning slot.

‘We must do something. This is something. So let’s do it.’ How Yes Minister would have loved hashtags. [cartoon h/t Foreign Policy]twitter Nigeria

The Weekly Piketty:

Dani Rodrik reviews the new guru on the block with surprisingly faint praise

Inequality insurance: tax rates on companies adjust automatically with their levels of pay inequality. Intriguing proposal from nobel economist Robert Shiller

Meanwhile in the non-Piketty world

Must read if you’re interested in social change. Can disruptive power create new social movements?

$100bn well spent. The World Bank’s Marcelo Giugale celebrates and reviews the impact of debt relief relief on Africa

But a World Bank report finds that no one reads (most) World Bank reports (luckily, Marcelo was writing in the Huffington Post).

Admiration for the IPCC soars even higher when you see what they have to do to get sign off on their reports.

US per capita cheese consumption correlates with deaths from becoming tangled in bedsheets. Treat yourself to some Spurious correlations

Tabloid headlines without the sexism. Brilliant.

Finally, I really hope this isn’t photoshopped. [h/t Bonnie Koenig]


In case of fire



  1. Hi Duncan

    Absolutely love this round up, esp the cartoons. One small geeky suggestion: can you please link to a new page so that your initial page stays open whilst we peruse the links? Makes it a tad easier to stay with you…

    Many thanks for this-it’s a welcome (re) addition!

    Delia Lloyd
    Senior Policy Manager, BBC Media Action

  2. Also here, in brazil, at this moment, we are living a specific moment that imposes tranforming in policy actions and that results in a necessary change in society. I am solidary with nonviolence social moviments. Poor people from here and in the other undeveloped countries suffer under the power the governments that write rules that bring benefits just for a part of the elite society. The rules are changed only to keep privilege to few groups. Doubless I support any social movement to get freedom to everybody together the same right to conduce the collective Nation building.

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