Are we measuring the right things? The latest multidimensional poverty index is launched today – what do you think?

June 17, 2014

What works in reducing gender inequality? Great overview from Naila Kabeer

June 17, 2014

Links I liked

June 17, 2014
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Here’s the cream of last week’s twitter-crop

Some pretty pictures


Average number of firearms per 100 people (right). Yemenis and Yankees slugging it out for top spot. Datasource: The Guardian

Every country’s highest value goods export, [h/t John Magrath]

Relax, population controllers: the global slowdown is well advanced [h/t Kate Raworth]

Oxfam gets bashed for being ‘too political’ in its advocacy on rising hunger in UK

Which prompts an eloquent defence by Policy and Campaigns Director Ben Phillips v Tory MP on the BBC’s Today prog. Ban also bangs on in Huffpo

But if you want something a little more angry, try this mesmerizing taxi driver rant in defence of Oxfam [h/t John Magrath]

World Cup satire

‘Portugal’s Preparation: Entire team has been practicing writhing on ground in pain for months leading up to tournament’. The Onion’s guide to the national teams

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOMG, what happened to the doves? [h/t Ellie Mae O’Hagan]

The essential introduction to FIFA. Definitive takedown from John Oliver [h/t Chris Jochnick and Laura Rusu]


Democracy is failing on representation (in the North) and rights (in the South). Interesting call for rethink from Dani Rodrik

Ben Ramalingam (he of Aid on the Edge of Chaos) is starting a new blog-which-then-becomes-a-book exercise, called ‘The Third Transition‘, on infectious diseases

The bar on communicating evaluations just went up a notch. Smart 90 sec animation summarizes 17 country, 6 year ‘Raising Her Voice’ programme on women’s empowerment:


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