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March 14, 2014

Q: How many people is one rich man worth? A: 6.3 million. Extreme Inequality in the UK

March 14, 2014
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A few examples of his legacy (please add your own): his famous five questions to the powerful (via the Political Gates blog) and a plaque he had installed in a cupboard in the House of Commons, but first an interview with Michael Moore (h/t Ben Phillips)


benn 5 questions


Emily Wilding Davison broom cupboard


  1. Hi Duncan – a sad loss all round. As well as his acumen and integrity, his humility and humanity were impressive – and also evident in his son Hilary. I was working at DFID on 27th Dec 2003 on the Iranian Bam earthquake emergency, when Hilary Benn (then Development Secretary) dropped in to say hi to the team, bringing us some Christmas mince pies and leftovers. After making us all a cup of tea and saying “thanks” he suddenly leapt up, having forgotten that:

    “dad’s downstairs with the car running – he drove me over and is on a double yellow…”

    We could do with more like Tony.

  2. Very nice Duncan that you could run this piece, about a British politician, on your blog. Good for Oxfam that no-one kicked up a fuss.

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