‘Don’t leave this to your children': could climate finance unlock a deal on Climate Change?

admin - December 7, 2012

Just back from the Doha climate talks, Oxfam’s Campaigns and Policy Director Phil Bloomer discusses the tensions and relative climate change records of rich and poor country governments. The UN summit on climate change in Doha this week is entering the end game, amidst increasing frustration from all sides at the glacial pace of negotiations (and this glacier shows no signs of melting). Amidst the …

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Science Girl; Starbucks and tax; NYC carbon; adaptation in America: videos I liked

admin - November 30, 2012

Some Friday video light relief (well, light-ish) on climate change (with an eye on dismal dialogues in Doha) and tax evasion. First the totally adorable Science Girl on climate change, clean energy + a surprise upside – wildfires melt Barbie & Ken before your very eyes Next up, a sweet and funny Starbucks tax sting – two Welsh Activists decide it should return its 28% tax …

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Climate change: which countries are most at risk? Click on this interactive map to find out

admin - July 1, 2011

David Wheeler at CGD has updated his interactive map of climate risk (this is the link for the interactive map, not the screen grab picture to the right – no point in clicking on that). This covers 169 countries,  across four dimensions: Extreme Weather, Sea Level Rise, Agricultural Productivity Loss and Overall. In the overall category, China comes out as the most at risk country in …

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Climate Change links I liked: Adaptation – the Economist, the Guardian and some good news from Burkina Faso and Kenya; Indian environmentalism; extreme LDC weather; a tribunal in Bangladesh; and an Advisory Group that doesn't advise,

admin - November 29, 2010

A random round-up of climate change links to coincide with this week’s UN gabfest in Cancún An excellent overview on climate change adaptation from The Economist. Favourite quote? ‘The best starting point for adaptation is to be rich’. “The environmental issue in India has been seen to be largely an upper-middle class elitist issue. I believe that a larger number of Indians are actually concerned …

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Jasmine Rice in the Weeping Plain: successful adaptation to climate change

admin - October 9, 2009

Lured by its wonderful title, I’ve just been reading a new briefing about some successful adaptation work in Northeast Thailand. Here’s a summary: In 2007, farmers in Yasothorn Province, north-east Thailand, experienced the longest dry spell during a rainy season in decades. Yasothorn, one of the 10 poorest provinces in the country, is part of the ‘Weeping Plain’ named after its barren landscape. The Plain’s …

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Cash for Climate: how the financing numbers break down

admin - September 16, 2009

Cash will be king in the next few months as the crescendo of climate change negotiations builds to the big December summit in Copenhagen. In the words of Alf Wills, a South African negotiator, ‘no money, no deal’ (although European Commission President José Manuel Barroso is also credited with the soundbite). If developing countries are going to get anything like justice in any deal, they …

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How the economic meltdown and climate change are hitting Asia – new reports

admin - May 8, 2009

The Asian Development Bank produces a remarkable amount of frequently high quality analysis. Here are two recent examples on climate change and the impact of the economic meltdown. On the meltdown, a recent ADB Economic Working Paper uses the latest national projections for growth and past poverty performance to refine the predicts that poverty across the whole of Asia will rise by 62m people in …

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What happens if the climate change talks fail? Botswana bakes, Shanghai submerges etc

admin - March 4, 2009

For a chilling view of what is at stake in the climate change talks that culminate at Copenhagen this December, read a new report from the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers (thanks to Cat Pettengell for pointing it out). (A similar doomsday tone is conveyed in the latest New Scientist cover story on what the world would look like with a 4 degrees temperature rise.) The …

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Meltdowns compared: Financial v Climate Crises

admin - December 7, 2008

Some highlights from a thought-provoking exchange with my colleague Sarah Best, who works on private sector and climate change issues. Similar causes · The roots of the financial crisis lie in a failure to properly assess risk (e.g. of sub-prime loans), an absence of proper oversight and regulation (e.g. of complex financial instruments) and consumption beyond our needs (e.g. credit, mortgages).  The causes of the climate …

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