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Four Years On, The World Has Changed on Disability

Duncan Green - December 3, 2015

Tim Wainwright, CEO of ADD International (& also chair of BOND), finds much to celebrate today Four years ago I wrote a blog, expressing my concern about how I felt that mainstream development was largely overlooking a large and highly excluded group: persons with disabilities. [Quick note on terminology: we use the term ‘persons with disabilities’ to reflect the UNCRPD terminology, but we recognise that disability …

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What’s next for the (rapidly growing) global disabled people’s movement?

Duncan Green - August 27, 2014

Last week I headed off to the Kennington Tandoori for one of those enjoyable food-fuelled brainstorms that seem to happen during the summer lull. This one was with two disability campaigners – Mosharraf Hossain (right) and Tim Wainwright of ADD International. ADD is doing some brilliant work supporting the emergence of Disabled People’s Organizations in Africa and Asia. ADD is at the forefront of what feels …

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Development’s Cinderella? Why does the aid industry ignore disabled people?

admin - October 14, 2011

This is a guest post from Tim Wainwright, an Exfam (ex-Oxfam) friend who now runs ADD International, an NGO working on disability and development. An edited version appeared yesterday on the Guardian Poverty Matters blog. It really does puzzle me. Why does so much of mainstream development’s resources, research, campaigning efforts and attention ignore disabled people? Around 1 in 7 of the world’s population – …

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