Andy Sumner

What's going on with global inequality? Let's ask Andy Sumner……

admin - January 23, 2012

When I was asking around about last week’s paper on the G20 and inequality, ace number cruncher Andy Sumner emailed to say that talking about inequality in terms of the Gini index is terribly old hat, and these days, everyone is trying out different indicators. So I went back to his July summary of the latest research on within-country inequality on Global Dashboard, and I …

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What should aid focus on, poor people or poor countries?

admin - October 6, 2010

Finally got round to reading the paper that’s been making waves in wonk-land, ‘Global poverty and the new bottom billion: Three-quarters of the World’s poor live in middle-income countries’, by Andy Sumner from the UK’s Institute of Development Studies. In a classic bit of number crunching, Andy takes a fresh look at where poor people now live, and comes to a striking conclusion: ‘In 1990, we …

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