The Joy of Blogs (and Tweets): Why Academics should take Social Media seriously

Duncan Green - October 27, 2015

This is an edited version of a piece I wrote for the LSE International Development Blog Before I started teaching at LSE in January, I had the impression that the academics and researchers around the school were totally social media savvy – prolific tweeters like Charlie Beckett and top blogs like LSE Impact are high up on my follow list. It turned out the impression …

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So you’ve written the research report: what else do you need to do to ensure people actually read it?

Duncan Green - September 25, 2014

Remember the old days when you wrote a report, published it (perhaps with some kind of executive summary), did a couple of seminars and then declared victory and moved on? Social media have changed that game almost beyond recognition: to maximize impact, any new report more closely resembles a set of Russian dolls, with multiple ‘products’ (hate that word) required to hit different audiences and …

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How to write about development without being simplistic, patronising, obscure or stereotyping

Duncan Green - September 10, 2014

It’s all very well writing for wonks, but what about the poor comms people who have to make all those clever ideas about nuance, context, complexity etc etc accessible to people who don’t spend all day thinking about this stuff? Oxfam America’s Jennifer Lentfer has a good piece on this on her ‘How Matters’ blog, discussing her work with a class of international development communications …

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How to Write a really good Executive Summary? Here are some thoughts, but I need your comments.

Duncan Green - February 10, 2014

Inspired by your great crowdsourcing on where to do a part time Masters (can someone collect the comments into a single document please?), does anyone fancy helping me draft a short guideline on how to write decent executive summaries? Here’s the draft – over to you for improvements, suggestions for good/bad examples of the art etc. This is to add to Martin Walsh‘s burgeoning series of …

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Why you should become a development blogger. And some thoughts on how to enjoy it.

admin - August 16, 2013

I think it’s time for some new development bloggers. Lots of new voices to oxygenate a sphere that is starting to feel a little stale. Let’s see if I can persuade you to sign up (NGO types tend not to jump at the chance). First the benefits: A blog is like a cumulative, realtime download of your brain – everything that you’ve read, said, or …

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