Getting carbon inequality onto the political agenda: the lessons of Brexit

Duncan Green - July 29, 2016

Guest post from Dario Kenner who describes himself as ‘an independent researcher currently exploring the links between policies to reduce inequality and ecological footprints’ In a fascinating post-Brexit blog George Marshall makes comparisons between the Remain campaign and how to/how not to successfully communicate on climate change issues. He says while the Leave campaign had a compelling storyline based on Let’s Take Back Control the …

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Need an 'epic win' on climate change or world peace? Look no further

admin - July 14, 2011

Calling all campaigners – there is an untapped resource out there that can save the world. Millions of young people with amazing ‘superpowers’, combining a sense of ‘blissful productivity’ (they love working hard),  the ability to weave a tight social fabric to achieve their goal, a feeling of ‘urgent optimism’ and a desire for ‘epic meaning’ in search of the all important ‘epic win’. Yep, we’re …

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