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Development Studies is fun, but is there a job at the end of it?

Duncan Green - February 8, 2018

Studying development is fascinating, but will there be jobs for students once they graduate? I chaired a careers panel for LSE students recently, where a variety of alums, now rising up the greasy poles of the aid industry, came back to share their thoughts. One recurring theme of the evening was the kind of skills and knowledge that will be needed if the aid industry …

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Is village immersion a new approach to development studies? Is suicide a development issue?

admin - November 25, 2013

I was in Delhi this week, talking to Oxfam India and taking part in a conference on how to work on issues of governance, politics and institutional reform (more on that later). But on Wednesday I took time out to give a lecture (on poverty v inequality – powerpoint here – keep clicking) at Ambedkar University, a new social sciences outfit on the edges of …

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Do’s and don’ts on research -> policy and the state of Development Studies in Ireland

admin - September 10, 2012

Spent a couple of enjoyable if tiring days in Ireland last week (they always look after visitors well….). I was there to speak to Ireland’s Development Studies Association on “What’s changed in development in the last five years, and how do we respond?” (here’s the powerpoint). It coincided with the first copies of the new edition of From Poverty to Power coming back from the …

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