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Whither (wither?) the ANC? Final thoughts on South Africa as a developmental state and the crisis of leadership

admin - April 2, 2013

Like most of my overseas trips, my recent visit to South Africa resembled an intensive rolling seminar, as debates with brilliant Oxfam staff, partners and academics spilled over from conferences and meetings into cars and bars. Before it all recedes into the mists, I wanted to capture one of the recurring themes. The role of the South African state and the ANC. Discussions on the …

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The Democratic Developmental State: Goal, Utopia, or somewhere in between?

admin - February 2, 2012

There’s nothing more disturbing than belatedly realizing that you’ve written two papers in close succession that contradict each other. Does it make you an open-minded liberal, or just a confused dimwit? Judge for yourself based on these two papers: one, an internal paper for Oxfam, tries to capture and update the argument of From Poverty to Power that development arises from the interaction of active …

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Can South Africa build a developmental state?

admin - September 1, 2011

Ha-Joon Chang recently sent me an interesting paper of his on ‘How to ‘do’ a developmental state’, his contribution to a book on the prospects for building a democratic developmental state in South Africa. In it, he does one of his typically fascinating comparisons of the ways various other countries have build ‘developmental states’ (which he defines as ‘a state that intervenes to promote economic …

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