Oh dear. Another unreadable European Report on Development. Good stats on finance (FFD) though.

Duncan Green - May 20, 2015

Here I go again. Sorry. Europe is home to some of the world’s most interesting and innovative research and action on aid and development, littered with smart thinktanks, thoughtful academics, and reflective practitioners. So it would be great to create some kind of intellectual counterweight to the US-based dominance of the World Development Report and others. Why then is the European Report on Development so …

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What is the point of the European Report on Development 2013?

admin - April 10, 2013

The 2013 European Report on Development was published yesterday, with the title Post 2015: Global Action for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future.I’ve been rude about previous ERDs, and I’m afraid I’m going to be rude about this one, but a conversation at last week’s OECD gabfest (more on that tomorrow) at least made me think differently about the ERD’s purpose and value. If you read …

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Confronting scarcity by managing water, energy and land: the new European Report on Development

admin - June 13, 2012

I have skimmed a few of the curtain raisers for next week’s Earth Summit in Rio, and sure enough, they fall into the familiar pattern of ‘If I ruled (or at least ‘managed’) the world’ documents: a summary of the research evidence, a call to arms (in this case save planet and species, preferably both), and a shopping list of policy recommendations. In such reports, …

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What should a European Voice on Development actually say?

admin - March 22, 2012

Had a slightly frustrating session (but they’re often the most productive) at ODI recently on the next-but-one (2013) European Report on Development, which will be on the post-2015 debate, aka what comes after the MDGs (ODI’s doing lots on this). My frustration sprang from the contrast between the avowed mission of the ERD – to open up a space for a European Voice on development, …

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