family planning

Family Planning Summit: dilemmas of UK exceptionalism, private v public and population control

admin - July 10, 2012

Are we now in a period of global British exceptionalism in aid and development, and if so, what are the implications for the work of British-based NGOs and their allies? That question has been niggling away at me during the run-up to the big UK government + Gates Foundation ‘Family Planning Summit’ tomorrow. Why exceptionalism? Because the UK is pretty much alone among traditional donors …

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Religion, making babies and 'peak child': brilliant new Hans Rosling video

admin - May 23, 2012

Break out the champagne, the sword-swallowing data guru is back, with a brilliant performance on religion and fertility, delivered, as far as I can tell, in Qatar. Conclusion: ‘religion has very little to do with the number of children in the world’, and fertility is falling rapidly, everywhere (due to women’s education and paid jobs + access to birth control) – the world has reached a …

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