fossil fuel subsidies

Why campaigning on fossil fuels is not just Greenpeace’s job, and how the development community needs to get it right

Duncan Green - October 31, 2014

Guest post from Hannah Stoddart, currently managing Oxfam’s advocacy and influencing in Rwanda (but normally Head of Policy, Food and Climate Justice at Oxfam GB) Last week Oxfam launched its first ever report condemning the fossil fuel industry as the main barrier to action on climate change. Oxfam joins a growing movement that recognises that tackling the power of the fossil fuel industry – its …

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If fossil fuel subsidies are so bad, why can't we get rid of them? Time for some politics

admin - August 21, 2012

My mate Matthew Lockwood (right) has decided (again) to abandon development and focus on UK climate change issues. In an earlier exit (from development to climate change) he wrote The State They’re In, a brilliant book on the political economy of African development. This time, as he heads for the exit, he is writing some valedictory posts on some of the biggest dilemmas he has …

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