G-8? G-20? G-2? G-0? Who’s in charge in a world in motion? And what does it mean for INGOs?

admin - June 25, 2013

I’ve got my head down doing some reading n writing, but luckily I am besieged by offers of guest posts, a lot of them v good. Here’s one from Oxfam International’s Advocacy and Campaigns Associate Martin Hall “Ain’t never gonna be what it was” – Little Big Roy, The Wire What with the G8 summit just past, the G20 summit approaching and the G-Zero debate …

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WOCA load of rubbish – fiddling aid numbers at the G8

admin - July 8, 2009

As expected, some of the more aid sceptic governments will be seeking ways to wriggle out of their commitments at the G8 summit, which opens in Italy today. But rather than just say ‘we’re breaking our promises – tough’, they are floating various kinds of creative accounting to allow them to meet their commitments without actually spending more money. The approach pushed by Sylvio Berlusconi …

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Is this global crisis big enough?

admin - June 12, 2009

This comment piece went up on the Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ site yesterday, where it attracted the standard collection of random and/or extreme comments – people seem to visit the Guardian site largely in search of catharsis, picking fights and otherwise having a good rant. Definitely makes me appreciate the civilised conversation on this blog. As the first signs of “green shoots” start to appear in …

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Why the UK held the line on aid spending, despite the recession

admin - April 23, 2009

Apologies for a bit of British parochialism, but this story has wider ramifications. A combination of political leadership and grassroots activism scored a real victory for the UK aid budget yesterday. Here’s why. All the headlines on Wednesday’s budget statement by Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) Alistair Darling were about the dire state of UK finances, and the extreme pressure building on public spending. …

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G8 sees rising hunger as a threat to global stability

admin - April 8, 2009

A significant new addition to the growing chorus of voices expressing concern on hunger and food prices. The food crisis has not gone away since last year, even if the general economic meltdown has driven it from the headlines. World Bank officials have been warning that plantings may be down this year; the FAO has found that consumer prices in poor countries have got stuck, …

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Promises v Reality: The Widening Credibility Gap on Aid

admin - January 20, 2009

The backsliding began almost as soon as the ink was dry on the promises of increased aid made at the 2005 G8 summit in Gleneagles. Have a look at the graphic, based on the latest figures.     It comes from a recent analysis of the latest aid numbers by ace crunchers, Development Initiatives, by way of Owen Barder’s blog. Here are some key points:

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What Happened at the G20 Summit on Saturday?

admin - December 16, 2008

Some initial thoughts on the emergency summit in Washington DC, held to respond to the financial crisis. First, some positives: it was the first time the G20 have met at heads of state level. Could this mark the start of the eclipse of the G8, as major developing countries take a seat at a larger table? It still leaves serious concerns about the exclusion of …

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It's G8 time again

admin - December 7, 2008

In Hokkaido, Japan, this week, staff from across Oxfam International will be lobbying governments, talking to the press, and periodically donning the ‘big heads’ – giant replicas of the G8 leaders, which we lug around from conference to conference. Dreaming up stunts for the big heads is one of the more fun bits of summitry, and provides an essential service to TV journalists. There’s nothing …

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