How does Gender change the way we think about Power?

Duncan Green - May 27, 2015

I can’t attend the next get together of the Thinking and Working Politically network in Bangkok next month because of a prior commitment to speak at DFID’s East Kilbride office (ah, the glamour of the aid biz….). Apart from missing out on the Thai food, it’s also a shame because they are focusing on an area I’ve previously moaned about – the absence of gender …

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What works in reducing gender inequality? Great overview from Naila Kabeer

Duncan Green - June 18, 2014

We’ve been having an interesting internal discussion on inequality over the last few weeks, and this contribution from Naila Kabeer jumped out. So I thought I’d nick it for FP2P A gendered analysis of essential services highlights the scale of the inequality challenge but it also offers useful pointers for the design of more inclusive and effective social protection strategies. Social protection interventions need to …

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How can Governments and Donors support Africa’s Women Farmers?

Duncan Green - April 24, 2014

I got into a bit of hot water recently for a recent post taking down a dodgy stat on women’s land ownership, so it’s nice to be able to post on some really good numbers on gender and agriculture. Levelling the Field: Improving Opportunities for Women Farmers in Africa, is an important and innovative new report (exec sum here, full report here) – sorry I’ve taken a few weeks …

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What have we learned about women’s empowerment from a 17 country global programme?

admin - November 11, 2013

Oxfam is increasingly going in for ‘global programmes’, bundling up work on similar issues across various countries. More on that model tomorrow, but first I want to highlight the findings of a final evaluation (published today, right) of Raising Her Voice (RHV), a big (£5.8m), 5 year global programme to enhance women’s voice in decision-making, covering 17 countries and two regional projects across 4 continents. …

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Should men boycott all-male panels at conferences?

admin - January 8, 2013

A conversation on twitter this weekend triggered (yet another) ethical dilemma. Gosh it’s exhausting trying to be a do-gooder. Claire Melamed started it by sending round a link to an article arguing that men should sign a pledge stating publicly that they will refuse to take part in all-male panels at tech conferences (which are regularly men-only affairs, apparently). As a regular token NGO speaker …

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Will the new World Development Report transform our thinking on gender and inequality?

admin - September 19, 2011

Some editions of the World Bank’s annual flagship World Development Report come to be seen as intellectual milestones – the WDRs on poverty (1990, 2000); equity (2005) or agriculture (2008). Others sink without trace – who remembers ‘reshaping economic geography’ (2009)? So let’s hope that the publication today of the 2012 WDR, Gender Equality and Development, marks a new seriousness in tackling the gender divides …

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Nike v Commonwealth – who's best on women's rights?

admin - September 15, 2011

Here’s a brief workout for your gender analysis skills, in advance of this weekend’s launch of the 2012 World Development Report on gender and inequality. Two superficially similar short (2 minute) videos on women’s empowerment: one from Nike Foundation, and the other from the Commonwealth. Your task – compare, contrast and identify what’s missing. Then vote. [update – you can now vote for the parody …

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Has UNICEF got it wrong on gender inequality?

admin - July 15, 2011

Hats off to UNICEF for acting promptly to revise its recent paper on inequality after a discussion with Oxfam (and probably others) about the misleading statements on gender in its first version, but I still don’t think they’ve got it right, so with heavy heart, here comes a rebuttal……… The problems began when UNICEF stated in the original version of an otherwise excellent report on …

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Do men and women see hunger differently?

admin - May 25, 2011

The new campaign that Oxfam is launching next week will have a big focus on gender – almost every issue in development looks very different depending on whether you are a man or a women. I saw that in graphic form last week in Tanzania, during a training session for 40 ‘farmer animators’ – local activists who are helping to galvanize their communities in Shinyanga, …

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Gender Equality and Development: What will (and won’t) be in the 2012 World Development Report?

admin - January 28, 2011

Just got round to reading the 65 page outline (dread to think how long the final version will be) of the 2012 World Development Report on ‘Gender Equality and Development’. Kudos to the Bank, as ever, for putting such documents online as part of the report writing process – how many NGOs ever consider doing that? (see here for a rather successful example of us …

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