Carnage on the roads v good news on malaria and guinea worm disease (and a brewing Opium War on Tobacco)

Duncan Green - January 27, 2014

This week’s Economist resembles a reader on some of development’s top Cinderella issues (which are becoming a bit of a thing on this blog), covering road traffic, ‘tropical diseases’ and tobacco. First up, the contrast between the falls in road deaths in rich countries (deaths there peaked in the 1970s), and rising carnage in the developing world. New WHO stats provide a graphic account – …

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How can Complexity and Systems Thinking end Malaria?

admin - November 4, 2013

This is complexity week on the blog, pegged to the launch of Ben Ramalingam’s big new book ‘Aid on the Edge of Chaos’ at the ODI on Wednesday (I get to be a discussant – maximum airtime for least preparation. Result.) So let’s start with a taster from the book that works nicely as a riposte to all those people who say (sometimes with justification, …

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108 countries now malaria-free. What's happening in the rest of them?

admin - May 13, 2009

The Financial Times recently published an excellent special report on Combating Malaria (can you name any other newspaper that would do that?). It pulls together a really good overview of the disease, including the science, politics, examples of successful eradication in Mozambique and elsewhere, the role of community health workers, the debate over bed nets, impact of climate change, and the changing attitudes and practices …

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