Owen Barder

A masterclass on cash transfers and how to use High Level Panels to influence Policy

Duncan Green - March 10, 2017

One of the things I do in my day-a-week role at LSE is bring in guest lecturers from different aid and development organizations to add a whiff of real life to the student diet of theory and academia. One of the best is Owen Barder, who recently delivered a mesmerizing talk on cash transfers and the theory of change used by his organization, the Center …

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Can aid agencies help systems fix themselves? The implications of complexity for development cooperation

Duncan Green - May 13, 2015

Owen Barder gave a brilliant lecture on complexity and development to my LSE students earlier this year. Afterwards, I asked him to dig deeper into the ‘so whats’ for aid agencies. The result is this elegant essay (a bit long for a blog, but who cares?). I will try and get some responses to his arguments from similarly large brains. If economic development is a …

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An American thinktank in London – development BS (blue-sky) session with the new CGD Europe

admin - October 10, 2011

I attended the informal unveiling of Owen Barder (right) as CGD’s new Mr Europe last week. The Center for Global Development is a top US thinktank (plus some occasionally unhinged health people), and its boss and ubernetworker Nancy Birdsall flew in to cut the ribbon. It was all very pleasant – top notch sandwiches in a swanky old building that used to belong to MI6’s ‘Section …

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