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A wonderful book by Jean Dreze, India’s Orwell

Duncan Green - November 27, 2017

Notes from my talk at last week’s launch of Jean Drèze’s new book, Sense and Solidarity. Has anyone written Jean Drèze’s biography? If not, why not? A fascinating figure, surrounded by myths and legends (did he really sleep rough in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, the square next to LSE, when he was a lecturer there?). He’s a wonderful writer who reminds me of George Orwell, with …

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China and India are building welfare states at a scale and speed unprecedented in human history

admin - July 23, 2013

Take a look at this table, from a new paper by Arjan de Haan. It shows the last 15 years of social policy initiatives in China and India, and their breathtaking scale. And here’s a chunk from the accompanying one pager: Though social spending in both countries appears rather low, and many deficits remain in terms of effective social protection, social policies in both countries …

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More History, less Maths – FP2P flashback

admin - August 16, 2011

OK, I’m off on holidays this week, so thought I’d retrieve a few posts from the early months of the blog, back in 2008, when hardly anyone read it – recycling is a virtue after all. First up, some thoughts from July 2008 on the use of history – I’m still looking for suggestions on this…. More history, less maths. That’s a phrase that for …

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