$15bn is spent every year on training, with disappointing results. Why the aid industry needs to rethink ‘capacity building’.

January 8, 2018

If academics are serious about research impact, they need to learn from advocates

January 8, 2018

The Unvarnished Project Cycle

January 8, 2018
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Continuing the most-read FP2P posts from 2017, in reverse order. Here’s the runner up. Click on the original to see the comments.

This is genius from Lisa McNally – feel free to suggest further improvements

logic model of the logic model

And I guess this is the exec sum, although it’s actually a very optimistic version, in that ‘what happened’ ends up roughly in the same place as the planned version, in the top right quadrant (there’s three others available…..)

planned v actualAnyway, they’re both brilliant. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Hi Duncan,

    This is utter genius! Anyone who has experience and has the guts to be honest knows that this is true. It makes me laugh out loud. It makes me cry. Maybe you can use some of your “How Change Happens” mojo to suggest how this lunacy can be changed to something that will reverse the waste to result ratio from 95/5 to at least 50/50?

    Such is the human condition, no?

    But some good things will still keep happening, and some poor and oppressed people will still get helped, so I say onward and upward no matter what!

    Happy New Year!

    Duncan Campbell

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