Is ‘The Field’ an outdated and reactionary concept?

January 15, 2014

What’s the the best/worst country in which to feed your family? New Oxfam report.

January 15, 2014

Yep, this is still FP2P, but with an upgrade

January 15, 2014
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Welcome back. Sharp-eyed readers may have noted that the blog looks a bit different this morning. It’s time for an upgrade, in dog_blog_cartoonresponse to an accumulating backlog of glitches and the need to, you know, keep up with the times n tech. Blog masters Eddy Lambert and Ian Sullivan have worked their magic, and this is what they say about the redesign (I even understand some of it….):

‘We have beefed up the search function. We think it is much stronger, please let us know your thoughts. In terms of archived blogs, we have plans to revamp how these are shown on a separate page and that is something we are looking to roll out post-launch.

Images should appear much better on mobile devices and through RSS readers.

Many comments said they liked the one page approach. We did want to play with this though to see if it improved readership of other content. Therefore, we have gone for a new format which keeps the top post as a single piece and then has excerpts from a number of posts so people can browse and pick a post to engage with. It was felt that the old format meant blogs had a very short life span. The new format seeks to address this.

The font is larger and the spacing is improved to make reading easier, whatever your age.

PDFs are now easier to download – 1 click instead of 3 and there is a fantastic option to print or save the post you are reading as a PDF. This is a great new function.

Hyperlinks will open in a new tab.

Link structure has been changed.

Image handling has improved so images can be enlarged in the post.

We have put in a Greatest Hits – be good to get people’s thoughts on this.

You can now subscribe to get updates when new comments are posted on a thread.

There is an option for more Monty Python videos to keep hilarious middle aged men happy.’

Other stuff they forgot to mention. Twitter feed now goes direct to page (see right). New and weird photo – Dr Evil? Mad Eye Moody?

We would appreciate any feedback, glitches, further suggestions etc. Any abuse should be sent directly to Eddy and Ian, but copy me in so I can gloat.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


  1. Great new layout, especially for those with aging eyes like mine! One minor suggestion: when printing out the blog, can the comments be included in the print-out as well?

    1. Hi Jes – Adding comments would add a lot of size to the default print/pdf (sometimes pages and pages). Could we get reader opinion on this?


      1. Hi Ian — I dont really print-to-paper but to PDF. At times there are good comments that enrich the blog subject. If possible, just put an option when printing to include the comments?

  2. Really like the clean new layout. The PDF/print function is excellent.

    Minor comments: (1) Could the archives list be made shorter by grouping months in previous years somehow? (2) There doesn’t seem to be a subscribe by RSS button (although this may be due to a browser extension on my part). (3) You need to get some new cartoons!

      1. Wow, well done on the redesign! Love the new profile photo too :-)

        For comics / cartoons, have a look at, (with the right keywords),,

        One tiny moan (which I should have mentioned earlier during your survey, sorry): the title of the page (which appears on the tab of the browser) starts with “From poverty to Power >>” and then the title of the post. When you bookmark a page for future reference, as I do, then all bookmarks start with this this and often you don’t see the actual post title as it’s truncated. Some other websites make the title start with the post, and then add the website’s name, which is more convenient for bookmarks. Again, it’s a tiny thing!

        Keep up the great work!

        1. Hi Remi – Title now contracted to ‘FP2P’ rather than full title. Lots of people like having bookmarks that start with blog name so they all appear together. This compromise means much more of the post title will be displayed display – hopefully best of both worlds


    1. Hi RSS feed – now available in the sidebar under ‘Subscribe for updates’ (via feedburner).
      Collapsing archives (ie. click on the year to get the months) – done in page footer.


  3. this is a wonderful new addition and i feel that this will open up a new set of fresh ideas from the readers of the blog.
    Christian Aid

  4. The layout is better, but the photo makes you seem like you are suspicious of or daring readers. Perhaps its not the image you want to transmit…

    1. Hi TB – .mobi format will be tough. We could add a ‘Send to Kindle’ button to posts to automatically transfer to Kindle ereaders. Would that be useful? Is it ok with readers to just have a an Amazon Kindle option (all things considered)?


      1. Statistically robust analysis suggests kindle definitely all that is required (n=1), but kindle doesn’t handle pdf well, so better in some format that works. Could limit it to text only if that makes it easier?

  5. Hello – the new look is great and more tempting to read. One comment: I clicked through to Greatest Hits and then to the post on MDI 2.0, even watched the entire video embedded therein. I looked for when that post was first published and could not find a date. It would be helpful to know this when reading archived material. Thank you for your work on this. I always take a look and often take the time to read. In the midst of ridiculous reporting requirements and stress over decreasing funding, it makes for a helpful and informative diversion.

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