Be part of Oxjam 2017

Oxjam is all about the people; the Festival Teams, the Gig Makers, the artists, the venues and the audience.

This year, we have 37 brilliant festival teams, from Edinburgh to Cornwall. These teams of volunteers are always keen to hear from people keen to make their festivals bigger and better. So if you are an artist, a sound engineer, a marketing whizz or a helping hand, why not contact your local team to find out how you can help.

There are also Gig Maker events throughout the country. Find your nearest event on the Oxjam Map or sign up to be a Gig Maker yourself.

Want to be a part of Oxjam, and not sure how? contact your Regional Coordinator who will be able to advise what role might be best for you.

Remember to keep an eye on the Oxjam Map to find your nearest Gig to attend. All Oxjam gigs raise vital funds for Oxfam.

“My passion and desire to do something great for charity gave me all the confidence I needed to have a go at things I never thought I could do. I loved meeting new volunteers and friends, listening to awesome musicians and feeling proud of bringing my town together through music.” Kerry Brown, Oxjam Aldershot Takeover Manager, 2015