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Will the SDGs be achieved by 2030: A self-reflection

August 28th, 2018 by Posted in Uncategorized

32337274_10216376880084389_7343803831689412608_n“Will the SDGs be achieved by 2030?” asked by a young participant to the panelists in the last session of International Youth Forum on Human Rights and SDGs (IYFNepal2018) organized in Nepal on 17-18 August 2018 with the purpose of partnering with the youth to implement and achieve Human rights and SDGs. The answer for this question summed up in one word which is “HOPE”. We cannot achieve anything as long as we hope and dream of it.

There were more than two hundred students, young lawyers, entrepreneurs, humanitarian workers and human right workers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippine and South Africa to attend the youth forum. Twenty-four international speakers including policy maker, academic, human rights activists, world bank etc. were there to work with young people for a solution towards “moving from policies to actions” in achieving the SDG.

I attended the forum as a youth delegate from Oxfam in Bangladesh. I work with Information and communication technology and strongly IYFNepalbelieve that the use of technology can easily speedup the race towards achieving the SDG goals. While we all were in the forum, I was expecting for a cumulative youth power but it was more focused on advertising our personal achievements separately. Rather it is important to understand that the combination of each of our own achievements can make the hope of achieving SDGs possible. And in this case, guidance and supports from our seniors in linking the policies with the action is required.

In this world of conflict and aggression, we need the kind of agility and receptiveness to ‘new ideas and technology’ that can be infused to induce the idea of turning hope into achievement. And youths can take the lead in it. It is the high time to understand that achieving SDGs by 2030 does not only relies on working on the policies, but also on a responsive approach to the voice and needs of youth. Global leaders can harness the potential of young people to reach the SDGs by training them with skills, knowledge which would hike their confidence up. Similarly, youths can also contribute to this journey by their passion to make a difference, daily action, continuous commitment, creative ideas and power of voicing them.


Author: Fatema Jannat, Project Officer, ICT & Development 

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