Our first festival this summer is Download. We are onsite from 6th to 12th June and it is the Oxfam Festival Shop’s second time at Download so I’m really excited to go. I’ve started to get some of my outfits together so thought I would show you some of my packing ideas. I create looks around each festival’s theme but mostly it’s about comfort! Lots of these items are from Oxfam (obviously)


My White Zombie and studded tie dye tops

The incredible Rob Zombie is playing at Download this year so this White Zombie t-shirt was the first item in my packing pile. I bought it from Oxfam Finchley Central about six years ago. The sleeves were a bit worn so I chopped them off and added some safety pins. It is one of my festival staples and what I wore on Wear Your Old Band T-shirt to Work Day. I got the other top last year from the Oxfam Festival Shop at Glastonbury. It has silver studs on the shoulders and a DIY tie dye effect. A lot of my Download clothes are black so this adds a bit of colour while remaining suitably alternative.


Leggings are essential festival wear

I spend a lot of time getting stock off the wagon at festivals which involves climbing, lifting and sweating so I usually wear leggings or trousers. These black and white leggings go well with the White Zombie t-shirt. They are from River Island (via Oxfam Festival Shop). Leggings are a great option at festivals for all weathers as they dry a lot quicker than jeans and add a warm layer when the sun goes down. The printed sequin trousers I got from our shop at Download in 2016. They have pockets and a loose fit while adding a bit of Goth glam to an outfit. I wear these all year round. I also love these leggings currently on the Oxfam Online Shop.


My customised demin jacket has loads of room for layers underneath

In addition to my waterproof jacket I will be taking this oversized worn denim jacket from Alice Takes A Trip. I’ve added the cat patch and have a few pins to add on the front. It is large enough to add lots of layers underneath if needed and any extra wear it gets will add to its character.


My New Rock boots come with me to every festival

I got this studded hat from our shop at Download last year and have worn it for most of the winter. A hat is essential when the evenings get a bit chilly or when you are trying to sleep and it is absolutely freezing. It also covers up unwashed/can’t-be-bothered-to-style hair. My festival shoes of choice are these New Rock boots I got from eBay last year. I wore these at all the festivals I went to (you can still see some bits of 2016 mud). They are so comfortable. The ground at Download is quite uneven and rocky so these sturdy boots keep me a bit more balanced. I wear wellies when it’s really muddy and trainers when really hot, but these are a great in-between.


My giant ‘safety pin’ earrings and spiky necklace

These are not an essential part of a festival outfit but I like to bring a few low-value bits to add to more simple outfits. These earrings are from No Basic Bombshell. They are affordable, sparkly and very light. I like that they are an interesting twist on the punk style safety pin earring. No Basic Bombshell have an awesome range of large glitter earrings. I got the necklace from Oxfam Withington – I have seen similar styles in H&M and Topshop. It looks great over a plain t-shirt but do remember to take off any sharp items before entering the mosh pit!

That is a sneak peek into what I will be taking with me to Download. If you are going, come in the shop and say hello. We will be selling items very similar to the above. Would you like to see other packing previews for other festivals? Or I could show you some festival camping essentials? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.