The week before last I took some time off work to go volunteer and enjoy the wonderful Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm. I volunteer with a not-for-profit organisation called Sticky Exhibits, where we raise awareness of climate change through eco-themed crazy golf. It’s a great voluntary opportunity!
I got the glitter on and danced away at Glastonbury watching some of my favourite bands and acts – Blossoms, First Aid Kit, Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters who were incredible! I’ve been a few times now and always enjoy the positive and united atmosphere that Glastonbury creates and the diverse range of events going on.

People playing crazy golf at Glastonbury Festival
Sticky Exhibits aims to start conversations about sustainability through interactive exhibits, like this crazy golf course (Photo: Sticky Exhibits)

Oxfam has a huge presence at Glastonbury, thanks to Michael and Emily Eavis. I bumped into lots of Oxfam colleagues including my fellow blogger Fran who was running the four Oxfam shops at Glastonbury! Other colleagues were there stewarding or supporting the Stand As One campaign. This year we are campaigning for the government to change the rules to make it easier for refugees in the UK to reunite with their relatives. We are asking people to write a postcard to their local MP asking them to push for change. It’s such an amazing opportunity to speak to people about the plight of refugees and to exert some people power.

Campaigner Louise at the Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford
Campaigner Louise at the Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford

As well as Glastonbury, I’m currently supporting our local campaign groups all over England to attend their local events and festivals to speak to people about the campaign. We’ve had the Oxfam Group in Oxford attend the Cowley Road Carnival and the Central London Group campaigning outside of the Covent Garden Oxfam Shop asking people to write a postcard to their MP. You can also Stand As One with refugees and join the postcard protest here –

I’ll soon be heading over to work with Oxfam America to participate in their Change initiative which trains students to become active citizens and hold those in power to account. So I’ll be blogging from there next time. I’m particularly interested in their campaign issues, and to see if there is appetite in the US to campaign to tackle poverty and how Oxfam America nurtures people power! It’s so exciting!

Oxfam love,