Water Quiz: Going short of water

Water shortages happen for a reason

Dams Conflict Health and Hygiene

A quiz to match potential causes of water shortage to photographs.

> Click here to start the online slide show for pupils.

Learning objective

It is possible to identify a range of causes for people going short of water.

You need:

Board or large sheets of paper on which to record shared ideas on causes of water shortage.

What to do:

  • Share the following statements (from the first slide in the show) with the class:
    'Around the world some people don’t have enough water.'
    'Other people have water but it’s just not safe.'
  • On screen ask the children to have a go at identifying possible causes for these statements (such as dams; pollution; armed conflict; irrigation; infected water; tourism and trade; drought).
  • Move on to matching the seven causes to the seven photographs in the slide show.
  • Read aloud the causes which pop up from each correct answer.
  • Off screen compare these causes of water shortage with the children’s ideas. Is there overlap? Did they have good ideas for causes that Water for All doesn’t mention? Do their ideas seem less likely or appropriate now?

Next steps

We recommend following this activity with Water problems: Case studies, which explores the impact of each cause of water shortage mentioned in the quiz through case studies.

Further development

  • Do other sources of information on water mention causes? Are they similar to the ones on screen? Do any other sources simply treat shortages overseas as normal and inevitable? How would the children advise the author of such a source?
  • Use these introductory photos to develop critical thinking around images using an activity such as ‘Differing viewpoints’ (see ‘the image well’)

> Click here to start the online slide show for pupils



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