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Development Nutshell: Audio summary (15m) of FP2P posts, w/b 6th July

My last round up before heading off for holiday for a week. Walking in the English rain – what’s not to like?

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Effective Activism in a Time of Coronavirus: what are we learning six months in?

Kirsty McNeill of Save the Children had a great piece on Global Dashboard this week. It mainly focuses on the UK, but I think its relevance is much wider than that. I’ve cut down the original for the tl;dr community, but if you have time, do read the full post here. In a fight between […]

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China’s Gilded Age: a fantastic new book from Yuen Yuen Ang

A new book from Yuen Yuen Ang is always a cause for celebration. How China Escaped the Poverty Trap, is a brilliant application of systems thinking to the biggest development story of the last half century (review and podcast if you haven’t already digested it). Now she’s turned her attention to a massive conundrum and […]

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The Covid Inequality Ratchet: how the pandemic has hit the lives of young, women, minority and poor workers the hardest.

On the occasion of the “ILO Global Summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work” Oxfam’s Filippo Artuso, Iñigo Macías-Aymar, and Franziska Mager looked into what we know about the unequal impact of COVID-19 on workers, and how to rebuild fairer societies. The coronavirus pandemic and global lockdown measures have shone a light on pre-existing […]

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Local Diaries: Untold Stories of Women in India’s lockdown

Priyanka Kotamraju (@peekayty ) introduces the Local Diaries: Untold Stories of Women podcast. She is an editor in the Chitrakoot Collective and an Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity. Sadrunissa is a young woman from Varanasi in northern India whose dreams abruptly faded in the wake of COVID-19. In January, she joined a tailoring course. It was […]

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Links I Liked

Things I hate. This oldie-but-goodie has had me grinning to myself for the last 24 hours, on and off – can’t be bad. CGD is publishing some really excellent thinking around the pandemic. Here’s an example: Beyond Lockdown⁠—Sustainable COVID Control for Low-Income Countries. As is Oxfam. ‘Care work must be at the heart of a […]

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Development Nutshell: Audio summary (20m) of FP2P posts, w/b 29th June

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Localization in Advocacy? Don’t hold your breath (and look outside the aid system)

Johns Hopkins University and the Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health are doing some thinking on the future of advocacy, especially on health-related issues, but of wider relevance. The first of three papers is now out, on Local Ownership, Sustainability, and Grant-making. Two other briefs in the series are in the pipeline, on the […]

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Covid-19 in Africa: How Youth are Stepping Up

This is a shortened and slightly updated version of a post by Alcinda Honwana and Nyeleti Honwana, which first appeared on the SSRC’s Kujenga Amani blog The African continent has, thus far, fared comparatively well in the pandemic, with just under 400,000 confirmed infections and about 10,000 fatalities at the end of June 2020. Even so, the […]

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How does change happen? Lessons from Malawi

Nic Cheeseman and Golden Matonga explore the factors behind a remarkable political breakthrough in Malawi In June 2019, Malawi’s democracy appeared to be in decline. President Peter Mutharika had just been declared the official winner of controversial presidential polls that were denounced by opposition parties and civil society groups. Mass protests regularly brought urban areas […]

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Where is the Aid Biz making progress on Localization?

There has been a spate of recent reports on localization, especially in humanitarian response. (Has anyone done a synthesis?) I’ve been browsing through a few – some highlights. First, an obvious, but important point. ‘Localization’ has always been a feature of emergency response, since long before today’s aid system was dreamt of. Globalization and migration […]

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Optimistic or pessimistic about Covid-19? No need to choose

Jordi Vaquer is the Director for Global Foresight and Analysis at the Open Society Foundations The radical uncertainty resulting from the crises triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic makes prediction harder than ever and, yet, there has rarely been a time where everyone – thinkers and parents, artists and bankers, activists and teachers – had to […]

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