Month: January 2010

Do loose networks like the G20 strengthen or weaken developing country voice?

Networks are (yet) another development buzzword, contrasting with markets and hierarchies. They are proliferating in the international arena, as well as in academic literature – how many ‘Gs’ can you name apart from the G20 and the G8? What’s the difference? According to ‘Networks of Influence? Developing countries in a Networked Global Order‘, edited by…

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Europe v America; Cheesy songs; planners v searchers; war in Southern Sudan; torturing English and the Gazprom song: links I liked

‘what European experience actually demonstrates is that social justice and progress can go hand in hand’ Paul Krugman hits back at one of the US health reform critics’ key arguments: that a welfare state undermines economic dynamism. Cheesy idea and corny song , but people from 156 countries simultaneously singing ‘love is all you need’ to…

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Using mobile phones to combat medicine shortages in Africa

Most of the coverage (and hype) around mobile phones and development is based on their potential to improve access to markets for small farmers, especially those in remote areas and to provide easy ways to transfer small amounts of money in the absence of functioning bank networks. But mobiles, which are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in…

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