The IMF pronounces on the Robin Hood Tax

Yesterday, I discussed the IMF’s fascinating new proposals for two international taxes on the financial sector  – a ‘financial stability contribution’ (FSC) and a ‘financial activities tax’ (FAT). But the leaked interim report to the G20 also discussed the financial transactions tax (FTT), better known as the Robin Hood Tax. What did it say? First…

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Free the data; the purpose of aid; a geopolitical beauty contest; China in Africa; the Backward Classes Bureau; Colonialists through African Eyes and the ultimate metaphor: links I liked

Owen Barder celebrates the World Bank’s decision to set its data free (including World Development Indicators – formerly charged for) as part of the International Aid Transparency Initiative. More detail on Aid Watch. Owen also ponders the evidence for, and links between, the two big ubernarratives for aid and development: aid helps transform the institutions…

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Keynes v Hayek: the rap version. Priceless(?)

The reader survey turned up a lot of people wanting more short posts and light relief, so to celebrate this blog’s 400th post, here’s a top youtube – Hayek v Keynes in a rather scholarly MC battle. Coincidentally, the number of people watching it on youtube is about equal to The Economist’s circulation – wonder…

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Even volcanic clouds have silver linings

[h/t Antonio Hill] Plus everyone in the office is in a really good mood because lots of meetings have been cancelled and we can all spend more time with our families, catch up with our emails, do the housework etc – whoopee! And it looks really pretty from space……… [h/t Global Dashboard]

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Will aid collapse?; best blogs; China demystified; green flying toilets; good news on maternal mortality; telly not twitter; new film competition; Coca Colla and revenge of the pixels: links I liked

Owen Barder ponders ‘the coming collapse of the aid system’ and gives his league table of the best development blogs (and yep, he likes this one, so his judgement is clearly impeccable). Try and find half an hour to browse – well worth it. Justin Lin, chief economist at the World Bank, demystifies the Chinese…

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