Month: May 2010

User fees are bad; India's middle class; disgraced professions; a good bank; Aesop and the Euromeltdown; the Amnesty ad the FT rejected; bad news from Rwanda and mangled lyrics: links I liked

Charging even very small user fees sharply limits access to preventive health care. MIT’s Poverty Action Lab summarizes the evidence and comes to an unequivocal  conclusion. Hope everyone’s listening Does India’s middle class care about poverty and inequality? SCF’s Ben Phillips is hopeful ‘I write to you from a disgraced profession’ (guess which one…..). James…

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'Just Give Money to the Poor: the Development Revolution from the Global South', an excellent overview of cash transfers

Cash transfers (CTs – regular payments by the state directly to poor people) are all the rage at the moment, prompting heated debates across the development sector. As its title suggests, a new book, ‘Just Give Money to the Poor’ has no doubts about their merits. But Joseph Hanlon, Armando Barrientos (see his blog on…

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Should we get paid?; the eye of the beholder; Unesco loses it; Hillary gets it; 0.7 v 2.4 and London Citizen on youtube: links I liked

Owen Barder considers the contradictions of being (relatively well) paid to work on poverty Malawi based aid worker Duncan McNicholl subverts the aid agency and media stereotypes by taking photos of people he meets in two different poses ‘miserable victim asking for help’ and ‘sharp geezer on the mobile’. Lovely idea. [h/t Laura Freschi]. Here’s…

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