Month: June 2011

India's first Dalit solar engineer; resource nationalism resurgent; results agenda; extreme weather pics; rich people bounce back; rational self interest in Somalia: links I liked

‘Santosh Devi, a 19-year-old, semi-literate woman from the backwaters of Rajasthan has broken through India’s rigid caste system to become the country’s first Dalit solar engineer.’ ‘African countries are not profiting enough from the surge in prices, while oil and mining companies make windfalls. Activists and non-governmental organisation are demanding better terms. Officials largely agree.’…

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Living on a spike – how are high food prices actually experienced by people living in poverty?

The G20’s Agriculture Ministers are meeting for the first time today and tomorrow, in Paris, a sign of the rising importance of food security and related issues, following the recent chaos in global food prices (see graph). Oxfam is focussing its lobby efforts on biofuels (in many cases, a bad thing, diverting food to fuel…

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What does a theory of change look like?

I’ve been working on ‘how change happens’ for a few years now, as regulars to this blog will know, but in the last few months, ‘theories of change’ has gone viral as a new development fuzzword. In meetings and documents, people earnestly enquire ‘what’s your theory of change?’ and you’re in trouble if you don’t…

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