Month: January 2016

Links I Liked

Still in writing purdah (going well thanks), but unable to stay away from social media altogether – here’s a few links from last week’s twitter stream. Smart headline from NY Post (at least the Panda in Washington zoo appreciated the weather) [h/t Chris Blattman] Overview of state of women’s empowerment in Africa from Brookings Oxfam…

By Duncan Green January 25, 2016 0

Links I Liked (and videos I valued)

Today is ‘Blue Monday’, supposedly the most miserable day of the year (actually just something dreamt up in 2005 by a holiday firm as a marketing ploy). But in any case, allow me to make it even worse with this truly awful video [h/t or possibly eternal damnation to Tim Aldred for sending it]. ‘We…

By Duncan Green January 18, 2016 2

Links I Liked

Hi there, been tweeting the odd link when I should be rewriting the book. Here’s last week’s highlights. And if Mark Fried is reading this, here’s what a really tough editor is like. Feeling a bit of a failure? Take heart from this lot [h/t Winnie Byanyima] Latest aid stats. Good news: Global aid highest…

By Duncan Green January 11, 2016 0