Month: July 2017

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Washington’s corridors of power are looking empty in Donald Trump’s unfilled government: according to The Economist, ‘His lethargy, not Democratic obstinacy, is to blame’. Finding positive outliers on anti-corruption is surprisingly hard, because everyone disputes success stories. Brilliant from Caryn Pfeiffer What do India’s poor have to say about poverty and aid? First of an…

By Duncan Green July 31, 2017 0

Links I Liked

POTUS continues to keep social media interesting, if alarming. ‘The World is an Angry Place’: Ben Phillips reckons there should be an app to watch all Trump interviews like this. While the Economist points out that the Trump White House has no pets for the first time since Johnson. But check out the others (hippos,…

By Duncan Green July 24, 2017 0

Can a new Index measure whether governments are serious about reducing inequality?

Oxfam’s inequality ubergeek, Deborah Hardoon, needs your help with an ambitious new index As a researcher working on inequality, there are plenty of data and statistics for me to analyse, model and generate ‘killer stats’ from. Of course, there are many data gaps, plus lots of debate on which measures are the best to use…

By Duncan Green July 18, 2017 2