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Development Nutshell: Another Week’s Covid Posts – and there’s a song competition

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Covid as Critical Juncture – please comment on this draft paper/join us on Zoom

My LSE students are a challenging lot (not as in ‘problem’; as in ‘challenging’) and their questions got me thinking about Covid-19 as a critical juncture. The result is this short-ish (12 page) paper (much improved by the students’ comments on earlier drafts). Please send comments. We will also be discussing it on Zoom next […]

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#PowerShifts Resources: Care in a Time of Corona

I’m on my 16th day of official Coronavirus lockdown. Since day 1, I’ve been seeing a welcome revival of all sorts of virtual conversations, resources and inspiring quotes about care. But here’s the thing: most of them focus on self-care rituals, yoga, mindfulness, and exercise regimes –  the ‘well-being complex’ and ‘wellness industry’ at our […]

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This is a love story: thinking globally during COVID19

Today’s post is a must-read on internationalist communications strategies during the Coronavirus crisis. Kirsty McNeill is Chair of the Campaign to Defend Aid and Development and Richard Darlington is Campaign Director. It was originally published on Global Dashboard. Over the last few years, bringing international NGOs together to make the case for aid and development, we’ve been digging […]

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Time to Choose Your Favourite Coronavirus Songs. So far…..

Sod it. I know these are horrible times for everyone out there, but the Covid-19 pandemic is producing some fine music videos, and anyway, Eurovision has been cancelled and we could probably all do with a laugh or some inspiration (or both), so please welcome Coronavision…. Firstly, when I tweeted and asked for people’s favourites, […]

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How to Confront the Coronavirus Catastrophe: New Oxfam Briefing

Some excerpts from today’s briefing: Oxfam is proposing two things that the G20 and other leaders can do simultaneously. The first is to develop a Global Public Health Plan and Emergency Response to tackle the disease head on – preventing and delaying its spread, saving lives now and into the future. The second is to […]

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Covid and Development Nutshell: FP2P round-up week beginning 23rd March

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Across Africa, COVID-19 heightens tension between faith and science

In times of crisis, faith can be a source of huge personal comfort and community resilience. But as Covid-19 arrives in Africa, some faith leaders are making things worse. This is an edited version of a piece by Amanda Lichtenstein, Rosemary Ajayi and Nwachukwu Egbunike that went up on Global Voices yesterday. Leaders in Africa […]

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Why Debt Relief should be part of the Covid Response

This blog was launched slap bang in the middle of the 2008 global financial crisis. Its early months were dominated by discussions of its impact on poor countries and communities. So yesterday I had a plus ca change moment when I read a cluster of excellent pieces discussing the need for urgent debt relief for […]

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How to stop Coronavirus Lockdown Leading to an Upsurge in Violence Against Women

Guest post from Mwanahamisi Singano, a feminist activist  Member of FEMNET The world is witnessing an unprecedent health pandemic.  With more than 440,318 confirmed cases of COVID19 across the world, and almost 20,000 deaths (at the time of publication), the world is shutting down. Everyone is being asked to stay home and be safe, but one thing that everyone has […]

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‘The Saviour of the Mothers’ in times of Covid-19: A Brief History of Hand-Washing

Guest post by Vanita Suneja of WaterAid Covid-19 is currently   occupying our collective mind space.  Apart from avoiding mass gatherings, the foremost message given through public media and health advisories across the world is on hand hygiene. We are being been advised to clean our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or with […]

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Links I Liked, Covid Edition

CAD: Corona Attention Deficit. Is it a thing? Certainly feels like it – my aim this week is to stop endlessly browsing social media and take advantage of lockdown to get stuck into some serious reading. In the meantime, here are some of the fruits of my twitchy social media-hopping…… Coronaviral: the best memes, tweets […]

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