A world of friendship networks revealed – great interactive infographic

September 21, 2012 1 By admin

After a few days in the migrationtastic Philippines (more on the visit next week) this post seems particularly apposite. The world’s friendship networks revealed, or at least that chunk of them that are on Facebook (large and growing – 910 million and counting). This exercise in big data crunching is fascinating: click on the country and it tells you how many FB links its citizens have with people in other nations, and lists the top 5. It even offers background notes to help you interpret what you find.

It’s a window on migration and cultural affinity and makes you wonder – is UAE so prominent (eg biggest link for India and Philippines), just because of numbers, or are the expats there more homesick?; what is the connection between DRC and Ecuador (its second biggest set of links after Zambia)? How rigorous can the data be when Canada’s first link is Australia, not the US? Can Kazakhstan’s number 1 really be the Central African Republic?! Worth digging around and getting a sense of a world on the move, but staying connected.

FB networks