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About FP2P

About the book

Second Edition Now Available

Seismic events have convulsed global markets since 2008, when From Poverty to Power was first published. World news has been full of stories reflecting a profound sense of uncertainty about the global future. In response, this new edition of From Poverty to Power has been revised throughout and also includes a new chapter How History Happens, with an in-depth analysis of the human impact of the global financial and food crises since 2008.

From Poverty to Power argues that a radical redistribution of power, opportunities, and assets rather than traditional models of charitable or government aid is required to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. The forces driving this transformation are active citizens and effective states.

The FP2P blog

‘This is meant to be a conversation, a chance to compare notes on the great swirling cloud of chatter, opinion, argument and on-the-ground experience that makes the development scene so fascinating.

The blog will include regular contributions from me, prompted by events, trips, things I read, or the debates that emerge at numerous book launches, seminars and the like. But it will also include a range of guest bloggers, and it will only work if others get involved – that makes the difference between this being a real discussion, and a barren cyberspace version of those demented souls on soapboxes, ranting away to a non-existent audience at Hyde Park’s ‘speakers’ corner’ in London.

So let us know what you think, comment on the blog or on twitter (@fp2p), and tell us what issues you want to discuss. Believe me, it’s fun……

The blog is written and maintained by Duncan Green. More information on Duncan and the book is available on the From Poverty to Power website’

From Poverty to Power is available to download from the Oxfam Policy & Practice website

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