African art; UK v Rwanda (et tu ODI?); please vandalize economics textbooks; ferocious oaths; microfinance heretics; Olympic Falklands: links I liked

July 30, 2012 1 By admin

Contemporary African fashion, music and art (like this ‘street’ art from Western Sahara) [h/t Global Voices] mesa_street art Western Sahara

UK blocks aid to Rwanda in protest at its actions in Congo. How will ODI’s Kagame praise singers respond?

Kate Raworth on why it’s time to start vandalizing economics textbooks 

‘I will answer only the truth, in accordance with what I have personally seen, heard, know, and remember. If I answer falsely on any issue, may all the guardian angels, forest guardians and powerful sacred spirits destroy me, may my material possessions be destroyed, and may I die a miserable and violent death.’ Wronging rights is impressed by the ferocity of Cambodian oath-swearing 

‘Almost all of the growth miracles of the last 60 years were based on rapid industrialization. Today, technological changes and global competition are fostering rapid de-industrialization (in terms of employment shares) almost everywhere.  This makes me wonder whether the kind of rapid growth experienced by countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and China will ever become possible elsewhere.’ Dani Rodrik examines the data on industrialization and reaches some surprising conclusions, including ‘Manufacturing productivity converges even if you are in a remote country with lousy policies and institutions.’

CGD’s David Roodman brilliantly reviews ‘Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’ and the author, Hugh Sinclair responds

Argentina’s office of the presidency tries to tweak the tail of the mangy British bulldog by linking the Falklands/Malvinas dispute to the London Olympics in this sub-Rocky video (the athlete doesn’t look like he’s going to win too many medals though)