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April 30, 2012 1 By admin

African stereotypes were all the rage on the interweb last week: ‘Africa’s image in the West, and Africa’s image to itself, are often crude, childish drawings of reality’ argues Binyavanga Wainaina. Others think humour works better: ‘Africans shocked by uncivilized antics of European savages’, South African satirical magazine Hayibo takes aim at Europe’s elephant-massacring kings and racist-cake-cutting ministers [h/t Beyond Aid].

Then there’s ‘I am an African man’. Lovely video spot from the team that brought us Alex presents: Commando [h/t Aid Thoughts] But Elliott Ross has doubts about the spoof .

What else? Big new database on land grabs: ‘Researchers estimate that more than 200m hectares (495m acres) of land – roughly eight times the size of the UK – were sold or leased between 2000 and 2010. Details of 1,006 deals covering 70.2m hectares in Africa, Asia and Latin America were published by the Land Matrix project, an international partnership involving five major European research centres and 40 civil society and research groups from around the world.’  Guardian coverage here.

IDS has a new governance and development blog. Sample post – Mick Moore worries that by demanding the professionalization of civil society leaders, aid elevates and erodes their credibility in the eyes of their people. 

On World Malaria Day, Oxfam’s Global Health Check blog warned that donor support for the the Affordable Medicine Facility for malaria (AMFm) scheme ‘presents a great risk of repeating the sad story of chloroquine – an effective drug rendered useless in Africa because of resistance.’

China’s aid to Africa is repeating some of the West’s mistakes, like sending equipment with instructions in the wrong language.

Christmas tree, jigsaw or bullseye? Claire Melamed topologises (is that a word?) the ever-expanding list of ‘post-2015’ proposals for what should follow the MDGs.

A handy printable logical fallacies poster, (there’s 24 of them: strawman, appeal to authority, slippery slope, ad hominem – sadly, I’ve seen them all). Should be nailed on the wall of every wonk’s office (and to their hearts) [h/t everyone]

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