An intelligent debate on aid; watch as the world burns; why car-swapping aint green; the best newspaper on the crisis; how green is your stimulus? and how to blog at the G20: links I liked

March 13, 2009 8 By admin

Dambisa Moyo and her bizarrely timed anti-aid message (aid bad, markets good) get a polite but highly effective kicking on the BBC’s aptly named Hard Talk programme, courtesy of Alison Evans, the incoming director of the Overseas Development Institute. Top quality TV, with a well briefed chair pushing both participants hard.

Alarming ‘Real-time’ stats on countries’ populations and tonnes of CO2 emitted from the moment you visit the site. Thanks to in-house statnerds Des Bravington and Richard King for this

The Guardian’s George Monbiot debunks the claim that swapping old cars for new ones is anything to do with the environment (rather than a lifeline to the auto companies)

The Financial Times is having a fantastic crisis – I switched over to it as my daily paper this week, which will annoy my kids-who-only-read-the-sports-section. Two examples – it has a nice interactive ‘what does each G20 government want’ graphic and a ‘how green is your stimulus’ analysis (see graphic).

Finally, I am now an official ‘G20 blogger’ – there will be a ‘bloggers’ tent’ at the London Summit of the G20 on 2 April where we will all furiously post away as the world crashes, melts and is (or is not) saved. If you want to join me, visit the site. 20 of the bloggers will be chosen by the public – so if you want to nominate (or be nominated), get moving now, as the hyperactive Global Dashboard has already done.