Bill loves geoengineering; Europe v access to medicines; we're getting happier; Martin Wolf saves capitalism; mental health in India; Big Oil v transparency; can aid be sexy? Links I liked

February 20, 2012 1 By admin

Yep, been waiting for this to happen – the momentum behind geoengineering is building, as Bill Gates and others weigh in behind a pain-dr_strangelovefree (?) tech fix to climate change as a ‘plan B’ if attempts to reduce emissions continue to fail. Sensible precaution or dangerous Dr Strangelove distraction from getting our carbon emissions under control?

South Africa’s Treatment Action Campaign weighs in on the threat posed by current negotiations on an EU-India Free Trade Agreement to access to medicines across the developing world. Guardian analysis here.

Still, at least the world is getting happier, according to an Ipsos Global poll of 18,000 people in 24 countries [h/t Beyond Aid]

Martin Wolf’s seven point plan for saving capitalism – brilliant (always assuming you want to save it, of course)

“That son that used to be tied up to the bed, today is working in the fields.” The impact of training lay community mental health workers in India

US campaigners, including Oxfam, are fighting against a rearguard action by the oil industry to overturn new legislation on transparency

Wondering where to go to hang out online with other aid and development workers (as well as students aspiring to be aid workers)? Check out AidSource – the new Humanitarian Social Network site. Here’s the promo video, a determined (desperate?) effort to make aid hip and sexy – good luck with that…….