Can leaders sing?; IPad pie chart; 'lazy Africans'?; Cairo gloom; the next World Bank president; Borgen rocks; the world according to Lant: links I liked

January 31, 2012 0 By admin

So Barack can do a mean Al Green, but can other world leaders sing? [h/t Rob Bailey]

Where does the price of your iPad go? Only 2% to Chinese workers IPad breakdown

Here’s a lesson in how to increase your blog traffic. Call a post You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum! Then sit back and watch the comments roll in – 583 at the last count (at least it puts the swimming pool in perspective). And it’s beautifully written too (by Field Ruwe, a US-based Zambian media practitioner and author) [h/t Malcolm Spence]

“Things are getting worse rather than better for people who took part in Egypt’s revolution last January, and the new government doesn’t seem to be a stabilising force.” IDS researcher Mariz Tadros offers a gloomy view of the revolution’s first anniversary.

And they’re off! Follow all the gossip on the race to be next World Bank president on this dedicated website.

This week’s nothing-to-do-with-development slot: imagine a feminist West Wing set in continental Europe, with plenty of agonizing over foreign aid and human rights. Welcome to Borgen, the latest amazing Danish drama on BBC4 – female prime minister (and she’s not a bit like Meryl Streep) juggles the dictates of power and principles. Brilliant.

You can rely on Harvard’s Lant Pritchett to be provocative and thoughtful, (and pugnacious – see this exchange in the comments when I mildly criticized Harvard a couple of years ago) so worth watching this interview on the ‘Cambridge Nights’ channel. University nights are clearly more, um, cerebral in the US……