China as the world's biggest aid donor; water grabs; how the FT overthrows governments; road safety in Kenya; why rich countries question capitalism more than poor ones and a new initiative on greening urban economies in poor countries: Links I liked

May 5, 2009 0 By admin

Paul Collier argues that China is the world’s biggest donor, and that it shows the case for attaching more conditions to lending.

Alex Evans passes on some interesting thoughts from Nestle boss Peter Brabeck-Letmathe – the recent spate of land grabs are actually about getting access to the water that goes with the land, more than the land itself.

Staying on land grabs, Alex also explains how the Financial Times overthrows governments (in this case Madagascar’s)

How to improve road safety in Kenya and get a good research paper out of it at the same time.

Dani Rodrik asks why the crisis has mainly triggered questioning of capitalism in rich, rather than developing nations. Not sure about his premise, though – many of our partners have been questioning capitalism for decades, but I guess Dani is talking about the elites.

Green Hub, a promising new initiative out of MIT ‘supports social movements, local governments and business, primarily in major urban areas, to leverage the emerging “green” economy for poverty reduction and social inclusion’ . Already up and running in the US, Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador) and South Africa.