Europe's technodreamers; seeing like a statistician; Bill Easterly luvs aid; tax havens explained; slapping the CAP; water grabs; the last lonely dictator: links I liked

November 30, 2011 1 By admin

Paul Krugman explains why Europe’s ‘technocrats’  (like technocrats everywhere) are actually dangerous dreamers, not seekers after tumblr_lv5bqg9Phs1r6fpiho1_400truth.

This worries me – I am increasingly thinking like a statistician (see right)……. [h/t Grandiloquent Bloviator]

Bill Easterly defends aid; man bites dog etc.

Excellent new website on tax havens – definitions, killer facts, policy solutions and a funky Prezi presentation (must get round to learning how to use it)  [h/t Caroline Pearce]

George Monbiot goes through the numbers on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy to show that it’s still shoveling public money to the plutocrats and aristocrats of Europe (and weirdly, a pile of water companies).

‘African governments are signing away water rights for decades with insufficient regard for how this will affect millions of local users, including fishing, farming and pastoralist communities. The water rights often feature in the growing number of large land deals that governments are signing with investors as many of these areas require irrigation to be viable.’ IIED demonstrates that land grabs are often about water, as much as soil. The Guardian discusses.

As ever, thanks to Chris Blattman for bringing a little randomness into our lives, in this case in the shape of a delightful Nando’s ad from South Africa