Food crisis 2.0; forgotten disasters; renewable leapfrogging; take action on gender violence; Rwanda and the Congo; Robin Hood on Newsnight: Links I liked

September 6, 2010 0 By admin

Alex Evans discusses the Financial Times front page story on fears of a global food crisis

Eight disasters overlooked by the media in a year of climate and planetary chaos

Could bottom-up generation of renewable energy repeat the leapfrogging experience of the mobile phone, reaching the estimated 1.5 people wiht no access to electricity (and generating income through carbon markets and selling surplus power to the neighbours)? The Economist takes a look.

And some forward planning for activists on gender-based violence. A marathon 16 days of international action is planned from November 25th to December 10th later this year. Full details here.

Texas in Africa on a leaked UN report on atrocities in the Congo, and Rwanda’s involvement

The prestigious UK Newsnight devotes half its programme to the Robin Hood Tax, on the eve of a the EU Finance Ministers meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) in Brussels. It only stays up on the website for this week, so don’t hang about. Spot the difference between Bill Nighy and the real bankers.